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Navigating the Best App for Shopify Boutiques: Alternatives to Comment Sold for Live Selling

Running a Shopify boutique with dropshipping can be both rewarding and challenging. Live selling has become an effective way to engage with customers and drive sales. However, with Comment Sold’s recent announcement that it will no longer sync with Shopify starting June 3, 2024, many boutique owners are left scrambling for alternatives. We at Ruby Web Marketing LLC, along with our online boutique, were taken aback by this change, especially given that the only workaround is a plug-in that syncs inventory but not orders, and it costs an extra $99! After thorough research, we’ve found a suitable alternative: the new Comment Sold app, Videeo. Here’s why we recommend it and a few other insights from our exploration.

Why Videeo is the Best Option for Live Selling on Shopify

Videeo is a robust solution for live selling that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It allows you to go live simultaneously on your website, app, and various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. This multi-platform approach is crucial for boutiques that rely on broad visibility to reach their customers.

Here are the key benefits of Videeo:

  • Multi-Platform Streaming: Videeo lets you stream live across multiple platforms, maximizing your reach and customer engagement. This flexibility is crucial for Shopify boutiques that want to maintain a strong online presence.

  • Guest Invites: You can invite guests to join you on camera, adding a dynamic and interactive element to your live sessions. This feature is great for hosting interviews, collaborating with influencers, or featuring guest products.

  • Integrated Shopping Experience: Viewers can shop directly from the live stream, creating a seamless shopping experience. This integration is crucial for converting live viewers into customers without requiring them to navigate away from the video.

  • Moderation and Analytics Tools: Videeo offers tools to moderate comments during live sessions and provides analytics to help you track engagement and sales metrics. This data is valuable for refining your live-selling strategy.

Alternatives That Didn’t Make the Cut

We explored other options during our research, but they didn’t meet our needs for various reasons. Here are a couple of the notable alternatives we considered:

  • TapCart: This platform requires a hefty monthly subscription of over $900 to access live-streaming features through Lvycom, a mobile app builder. The cost is prohibitive for many small to mid-sized boutiques, and the subscription model might not align with your business strategy.

  • Vajro: While Vajro allows streaming on Facebook, it doesn’t offer the multi-platform flexibility we sought. Limiting live selling to one social platform can be restrictive for boutiques with diverse customer bases.

Final Thoughts

Given the challenges presented by Comment Sold’s discontinuation with Shopify and the high costs or limited capabilities of other solutions, Videeo stands out as the best option for live selling on Shopify. Its multi-platform streaming, integrated shopping experience, and guest invite features make it a powerful tool for boutiques that want to engage customers and boost sales through live selling.

If you’re facing the upcoming change with Comment Sold like us, we recommend giving Videeo a try. It’s a flexible and robust solution to help your boutique navigate the new landscape of live selling on Shopify.

We hope this helps you find the right app for your Shopify boutique. If you have any other questions about Shopify, dropshipping, or live selling, please contact Ruby Web Marketing LLC. We’re here to help you succeed in the dynamic world of online retail.

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